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We provide intelligent guarding and high-risk response security 24 hours, 365 days a year. Innovative Guarding Solutions’ products and services range from commercial and residential security alarm systems with related value-added features that protect and inform manned guarding, vehicle patrolling and company risk management strategies. Our intelligent, electronic and communications-based security systems range from CCTV and IP Surveillance, access control and risk management services. Understanding your needs, the quality of our service, quick and efficient customer response, and competitive prices make us stand apart. We believe that every customer – whether you are a large corporate company or a grandmother living in an estate by herself – deserves to receive a premium security solution that works.

Why Innovative Guarding Solutions?

We Secure Your Business, Home, Neighbourhood and IP

Time, money and quality are key factors when it comes to security solutions for our customers. As an entrepreneurial business, we understand what businesses need for them to compete in the marketplace. As people, we also understand what we as individuals require to feel secure in our homes without compromising quality, service or our monthly income. Therefore, Innovative Guarding Solutions offer cost-efficient and time-saving security solutions which we tailor to match the exact security needs of each of our clients.

We understand that each customer is unique, and have varying security requirements. We are passionate about your safety and asset security, and therefore emphasise a positive and personalised service. Our trained professionals will consult with you to assess your business and or personal security risks and needs, and thereafter present you with a customized solution that provides maximum security for your investment.

Innovative Guarding Solutions combine security officers with technology. We build trust with our clients and, through a strong presence in the neighbourhoods we work in, we ensure that we are highly visible and able to respond rapidly.

Our vast experience has taught us that successful integrated security solutions require a combination of complementing manpower and technologies. When we combine traditional guarding services with, for example, access control and maintenance of your security system, we can lower your costs and avoid disruptions to your daily operations.

Our employees undergo extensive security training and exhibit an exceptional sense of alertness and urgency when it comes to our clients, your people and your assets.

With Innovative Guarding Solutions as your security partner, you will receive a complete, hassle-free solution that allows you to focus all your energies on what is important to you. Our security solutions take care of everything you need to protect your business and home. We care about what we do, because we care about you.


More about the Innovative Solutions Group

At Innovative Solutions Group we respect and treasure entrepreneurship, in fact, it is our passion. We create an enabling environment that ensures our people and subsidiaries reach their full potential.


Our Subsidiaries Include:

Innovative Accounting Solutions (IAS)

By outsourcing finance and accounting processes to Innovative Accounting Solutions, companies have found they can access resources and best practices otherwise beyond their reach. In choosing to do business with us, we assist you in developing better benchmark and baseline financial processes to help your company meet all its regulatory requirements. Simplifying and standardising finance and accounting processes is a key characteristic of well-run companies. Among the variety of outcomes this provides, our consulting division ensures you will not pay one cent more tax than you are legally obliged to, thereby freeing up your cash flow.

Innovative Guarding Solutions (IGS)

We provide intelligent guarding and high-risk response security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our solutions range from commercial and residential security alarm systems with related value-added features that protect and inform; to manned guarding; vehicle patrolling and company risk management strategies. Our intelligent, electronic and communications-based security systems range from CCTV and IP surveillance, access control and risk management services.

Innovative BEE Solutions (IBS)

We assist companies to comply with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) regulations and simultaneously enhance their business efficiency through improved scorecard ratings. Our driving goal is to help and educate our clients on how to affordably integrate B-BBEE policies, social responsibility initiatives and enterprise development into their strategic vision and operations. Our objective is to encourage sustainable business growth and social development among companies who strive for an improved rating, and who regard B-BBEE processes as an important economic objective for South Africa.

Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS)

As a middle-income country, South Africa has an abundance of low-skilled and semi-skilled workers, who at times can be a challenge to manage. Conversely skilled workers and those in managerial positions are in high demand, short supply and are expensive to retain. Staffing a business can therefore be time-consuming, taxing, demanding and often wearisome when management ought to be focusing on the core competencies of the business. Innovative Staffing Solutions offers an alternative to this dilemma by assuming responsibility and accountability for your staff, ensuring they are trained, proficient and suited to your specific business’ needs. We boast unparalleled human resource and industrial relations expertise to manage your staff and recruitment processes. In fact, we manage over 5,500 employees and have never experienced a single incident of labour unrest.

Innovative PPE Solutions (IPS)

IPS provide personal PPE solutions, Protecting and passionate about the health and safety of workers in all industries and workforce environments, supplying PPE clothing, gear and equipment to all industries.

Innovative Money solutions (IMS)

IMS is a Micro Financing company that assist lower income earners in acquiring loans with competitive interest rates. With our extensive experience in the finance industry, we assist our clients every step of the way to fulfill their needs. We also make sure we educate these clients to constantly help them move in the right direction.

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