Intelligent manned guarding

The secret to our success lies in our selection of high-performing guards with proven track records. Our PSIRA-certified guards are thoroughly vetted as to their criminal and credit records and continue to receive regular training.

The training includes rigorous sessions with a 4th Dan (ranking system used in martial arts) instructor with 28 years’ experience in karate and a further five years’ in mixed martial arts. Our teams of guards are professional and effective when it comes to protecting you. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of our clients, and our staff know they are fully accountable in their responsibility to reduce crime in your area and ensure your safety.

We believe this is what separates Innovative Guarding Solutions from ordinary guarding and security companies.

We provide:

  • Well-trained, highly-committed uniformed officers
  • Rapid response and vigilant mobile patrol units
  • Innovative and comprehensive security consulting

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